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What to think about before selling your home...

Our top 4 tips to think about before selling your home.


Staging your home is can be very important. You can employ people to stage your home professionally and give it the exact look you are wanting to portray to potential home buyers. Essentially, home staging can emphasise a property's strengths and show its maximum potential.

However, this isn't a necessity and can increase the cost of selling your home. We suggest that you show your home in a well presented manner and as long as you are displaying a 'well-cared for' home, you will have positive first impressions!


Similarly, to the first point, you can hire professional help to cleanyour property, however this really isn't necessary. We would suggest thoroughly cleaning your property before the images are taken so that property photos portray your home as inviting new space to live in to your potential home buyers. It is important that you keep the cleanliness high for viewings too! We aren't suggesting that if you live in the property you must treat it like a show home, but just make sure things are tidy and clean for when you have people viewing it!


When you are deciding to sell your home, we suggest that you have a little decluttering session. This is beneficial for a few reasons;

  1. This helps you to create space by getting rid of all the things you don't need. This will also help giving the property a clean and tidy look!

  2. It helps for packing! When you sell your property and start the packing process you would have already decluttered and got rid of the things you don't need, so the process will be faster!


Sometimes a property can take longer than you expect to sell, not always, but sometimes! So it is beneficial to be prepared for this. When your property has sold it is important to get organised, booking in your moving date, getting boxes, labels, packing tape, finding a moving company etc is extremely important! It is a good idea to have a look around for a moving company before you start the process of packing! We suggest reading reviews, checking their social media, asking friends who they have used and asking us!


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