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Selling tips and advice

We've put together this page to help you not only prepare for the sale of your home but to maximise the chances of receiving the best offer and speed of sale too. 

Finances: Professionals to consider contacing

Tips on preparing your home for photo's and viewings. 

1) De - Clutter 

Get rid of the clutter, your home will look bigger, well organised and tidy - giving the impression to buyers that you have looked after your property. Imagine your home is a product, make it appealing to buyers, 

2) Deep Clean

Clean everything from top to bottom, make sure you manage to keep your property keen for viewings. Once again having a spotless house gives buyers the impression that you've looked after your property whilst you have lived there! Get rid of bad smells and odours!

3) Fix Broken Things!

Paint over marks on the walls, replace broken plug sockets, holes in walls, missing lightbulbs. Typically buyers mentally cost up damages whilst viewing a property this could result in buyers reducing the offer they may put forward to you. Maximise your chances at getting a higher offer by repairing broken items, and generally improving or replacing dated, broken fittings or fixtures. Bare in mind how much money you spend whilst doing this!

4) Depersonalise

Buyers will fall in love with your house when they can imagine themselves living there…  When they can imagine your ‘house’ as their ‘home’. It can’t be done with evidence of you or your family everywhere.

That’s why show homes are always anonymous. You’ll never see a family portrait or anything personal. To make your house look lived-in without looking like anyone actually lives there, pack certain items away like holiday pictures, family photo's, trophies etc. Buyers don't want to buy your home, they want to buy your house the make it their home.


Our sales process

Step 1 - The Valuation

We will talk to you about local market trends now. We will explain how we market your property to the widest audience and to the best effect, we'll also give you advice on things that would make your property more saleable and will then agree a marketing price and a fee with you. We will discuss the conveyancing process, the importance of having financially qualified buyers and being financially qualified yourselves, as potential buyers so that you are in the best possible position to purchase your next home.

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