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ODOS Launches Lettings Department

ODOS Properties & Partners launches new lettings department headed up by Kevin Eggleton, who has over 15 years experience as a Lettings Manager.

Whether you're a first time landlord or experienced portfolio owner, we can now help you by; finding tenants, managing your properties, creating inventories and organising maintenance and repairs on your homes.

James Graham the Managing Director of ODOS Properties said; "For years we have wanted to create a lettings department. We have sold properties to first time landlords and experienced landlords across The West Midlands and surrounding areas. A lack of time and relevant experience has played a key role in why we have not set up lettings in the past. As a result we have referred lots of business to local lettings agents that we've worked with in the past.

Having Kevin onboard has allowed us to use his knowledge and experience to create a lettings arm to

our business. Kevin has over 15 years experience and has managed hundreds of properties across The West Midlands / South of England and is a perfect fit for this new and exciting chapter to ODOS Properties & Partners."

FAQs on Lettings

Why is it important to use an Estate Agent to manage your property?

  1. Efficient Property Management: Managing a property that you let can be time-consuming, and it requires expertise and experience in dealing with tenants, legal requirements, and maintenance issues. An estate agent has the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to manage your property efficiently.

  2. Finding the Right Tenant: Estate agents can market your property to a wider audience, ensuring that it reaches potential tenants who may not have seen it otherwise. They can also conduct background checks, including credit and reference checks, to ensure that the tenant is reliable and trustworthy.

  3. Legal Compliance: The process of letting a property involves several legal requirements, including compliance with safety regulations, adherence to tenancy agreements, and adherence to the deposit protection scheme. An estate agent can ensure that all legal requirements are met, saving you time and reducing the risk of legal issues.

  4. Rent Collection: Estate agents can ensure that rent is collected promptly and efficiently, reducing the risk of late or missed payments. They can also handle any issues that arise, such as rent arrears, and take appropriate action.

  5. Maintenance and Repairs: Estate agents can coordinate any necessary repairs or maintenance to the property, ensuring that it remains in good condition and meets the required safety standards. This can include arranging for repairs, organizing regular inspections, and addressing any tenant complaints.

  6. Peace of Mind: By entrusting the management of your property to an estate agent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is being managed professionally and efficiently. You can focus on other aspects of your life or business, knowing that your property is in good hands.

What should you look for when trying to find an Estate Agent to rent out your property?

Why do Estate Agents carry out inventories for lettings?

You can contact Kevin on or call 01531 825736 to find out more information about ODOS Lettings.


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