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NEW OFFER: The Emergency Services and Military Discount Estate Agents

Union Jack Flag, Military Discount and Emergency Services Discount Estate Agents

ODOS Properties & Partners are now offering 15% off all commission for any of our new Clients who work in the Emergency Services or British Armed Forces.

Why have we decided to launch this?

We sell a lot of houses for people who are employed in these sectors and we have decided to formalise our offering to help others who may be looking for Estate Agents that offer blue lights and Military discount Estate Agents.

3 of our 5 directors have served within the British Army whilst another has had a career within The Emergency Services. We're involved with Military Charities and fundraising for various other charities and we hope that advertising and offering this discount formally can help our future customers. Offering a discount to military personnel and emergency service workers is a way to show our appreciation for their service to our community and country. These individuals put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and secure, and it is only fitting that we offer them a token of our gratitude. Military personnel and emergency service workers face unique challenges in their jobs, including long hours, difficult working conditions, and exposure to danger. They often have to leave their families behind and risk their lives to protect us from harm. Offering a discount to military personnel and emergency service workers is not just a business strategy, but also a moral obligation. These brave men and women have dedicated their lives to serve our country and communities, and it is our responsibility to recognize their sacrifice and show them that we care.

Click here to see how much your home is worth for military discount and emergency services discount estate agent services


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