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ODOS Expands to Gloucestershire

ODOS has sold property in and around Gloucestershire since the company was founded. In fact, one of the first few properties that ODOS listed was in Wellesley Street, Gloucester, Weston Road in Gloucester and Alvington Drive in Cheltenham. As the ODOS brand continues to go from strength to strength across The West Midlands it was logical for them to focus growth in Gloucestershire.

Helen Jeanes joined ODOS Properties at the start of 2020. Helen brings over 11 years experience to ODOS, most recently as a Manager of a successful high street estate agents in Cheltenham City Centre. She decided to join ODOS as she believes estate agency is changing, the vision, mission and ethos of ODOS Properties matches her beliefs and she strongly believes in our growth across Gloucestershire. Helen specifically loves the personal, ethical and transparent service that she will be able to offer Clients in the GL postcodes as a result of joining ODOS.

Helen has sold over 2500 properties in and around Cheltenham, if you're thinking of selling your property in Gloucestershire get in touch with Helen!


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