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ODOS expands overseas #odosinthesun

We're excited to announce that ODOS now sells property overseas as part of a new partnership with a leading Estate Agency based in Spain. Our new Partner has expansion plans to sell property across Europe and has over 4000 properties on the market. As part of their expansion plan they wanted to partner with an English Estate Agency who were forward thinking and entrepreneurial.

"This is a great opportunity for us to offer more services to both our new ODOS Partners and our customers looking to purchase property. Over the past few months our buyer database has dramatically grown and so has our volume of listings. Offering overseas properties through our established local partners is a great opportunity for anyone in England looking to buy a holiday home, relocate, or make overseas investments. Buyers will always have a local and experienced ODOS Partner to guide them through what can be a daunting process. In the near future you will see that we'll be organising exhibitions and property lunches aimed at those looking to purchase property abroad, if you want to get involved please contact" - James Graham, Managing Director of ODOS Properties.

Our overseas property portal is currently being developed and will be launched soon, you can keep up to date with our new overseas listings by following our new Facebook account or our new Instagram account

We have lots of exciting business developments in the pipeline, If you're thinking about joining ODOS as a Partner in your local area now is a great time to start your journey with us visit for more information.


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