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NEW HOMES: Development in Hull live now.

ODOS Properties are proud to be selling new build properties across England,

A recent post from ODOS Partner and new build specialist Sophie Cameron tells us about the benefit of buying one of these properties, recently listed in Hull;

"Benefits of Investing in these Gold Standard Apartments ✨

💥 Situated in Hull which has a predicted capital growth of 25-28% over the next 5 years.

💥 Highest Quality Apartments in the area.

💥Return of 8% guaranteed for 10 years

💥 Hands off investment

💥 Starting from £105,000- you really don't want to miss these.

My personal opinion on these apartments is truly amazing. There aren't many new developments that have great returns as well such a high capital growth. I truly believe that this is great for any investor looking to buy at the moment. You don't need to live in the area to reap the benefits of these properties so don't miss your chance and contact us today:

📱- 07715817450"

You can view and sign up for new build properties here


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