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Meet Natalie Hall - Mortgage Advisor

Natalie is one of our chosen Mortgage Advisors and we love working with her!

Natalie's experience will enable us to pre-qualify buyers, help our sellers and ultimately enable us to further enhance our exceptional customer service to our Clients.

A little bit about Natalie;

"Mortgages are my passion and ensuring that I am able to make a real difference to people’s lives is always my priority. Whether you are looking for a first time mortgage on your own, with a partner, friend or family member or maybe you think you’re too old to get a mortgage. I can help. You might be considering buying a second property to let out or as a holiday home for yourself and others to share. You could be looking to grow your family, you might just need more space, or you may just want the best deal going! Whatever the situation, I will support you all the way

When Natalie is not busy making dreams come true and running the kids around to rugby, football and swimming she enjoys SUP, Crossfit, walking the dog, reading and she has to admit to the odd TV drama too! She enjoys baking delicious treats although she says she’s no Master Baker but definitely a Master Adviser!

Question 1 - How much deposit do I need? "The more deposit you have to put down against your new home, the better the rate you will get and essentially you will pay less interest overall. However a minimum deposit is 5% of the house purchase, for example, if you have an offer accepted on a property for £250,000 then you would need £12,500 as a deposit."

Question 2 - How much can I borrow? "This can depend on a number of factors like children, types of income, outstanding debts and term of the mortgage. In essence we have a general rule of thumb being 4.5 x your income. There are lenders who will look to increase this loan to income based on job roles and amount of income and loan amount and this is something we would discuss together if needed."

Question 3 – What costs are involved? "You can expect to pay and would need to set aside (or could take from the sales proceeds of your home if moving), solicitors costs, Estate Agents fee’s (if selling) Mortgage Adviser fee, Stamp duty (if payable) Moving costs like removal companies, Van hire."

Question 4 – Am I too old to get a Mortgage? "You are never too old and those looking to downsize but who may need a small mortgage is very common. There are options for everyone, even those who are retired and on a pension, and even those who may not be able to afford the monthly payment."

Question 5 - What lenders do you have access to? "How long is a piece of string? I have access to over 60 lenders and 10 later life lenders. These range from High Street lenders to lenders that may be a bit more criteria driven, for example, if you have poor credit, specialised property types, later life lending, Buy To Lets, Holiday homes or short term lending to name just a few."

For all mortgage enquiries get in touch with Natalie today by calling 01531 825736 or email

We're hiring! Are you thinking of becoming an Estate Agent?

We're growing across England, we're looking for experienced and driven Estate Agents to join our growing business. Our ODOS Partners "do the fun part" of Estate Agency such as market appraisals, viewings, negotiations, canvassing, key releases, maintaining and creating new relationships with buyers and sellers and much more. Whilst our team at ODOS HQ take care of the time consuming aspects of Estate Agency, allowing you to increase your market share and keep up exceptional customer service.

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