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Founder of ODOS named as a finalist for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

James Graham the Founder and current Managing Director of ODOS Properties has been shortlisted as a one of the 6 finalists for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category at the 2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the Midlands Region!

In a quote from the GBEA they stated that they had received over 4800 Entrepreneur entries this year, so it had never been tougher to make the shortlist.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winner will be chosen soon as the finalists have now entered the judging stages.

The award will be given to the entrepreneur that best demonstrates;

  • Their ability to take action

  • A hunger for opportunity

  • A growth mindset and willingness to be challenged

  • A willingness to find solutions to challenges and problems

  • A strong work ethic

  • Leadership in tough situations

  • An example of what a good entrepreneur looks like.

In partnership with UBS Wealth Management the GBEA Hall of fame recognises individuals with a long-terms record of combing their outstanding entrepreneurial achievements with a sustained commitment to supporting entrepreneurial talent throughout the GBEA. Names include James Caan CBE (best know for being on dragons den) Hayley Parson OBE (GoCompare) Jenny Campbell (best known for being on dragons den) Peter Roberts (puregym) Steven Smith (poundland) and many other successful entrepreneurs.


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