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The ODOS Forum

We wanted to start a forum to give people a free platform in which they can ask anything about estate agency and have it answered in an unbiased honest manner by other members of the public who have been through similar situations. We explored other forums out there, they were either small or based on Facebook and many fell victim to pop up adverts, spam and crude comments / links.

ODOS Properties was created after first hand bad experiences with an Estate Agent so we integrate technology and software into everything we do, along with an ethical and transparent approach. We have grown from selling investment properties and peoples homes across The West Midlands since we began 3 years ago and we’ve gone from strength to strength simply by looking and being “different”.

We feel that people should be able to speak to us and have their questions answered honestly. We want to provide a free community where people can speak without retribution about good and bad experiences that they have received from estate agents and hopefully we can dispel some of the myths about how bad we all are and re-establish people's faith in estate agents as a whole.

ODOS Properties want to make the house selling and buying process as stress free and as simple as possible and want to get that message out there to as many people as possible and we feel that an open forum is the best way to spread that message.

The forum will be free forever and no pop up ads will be on our site.

Visit our forum here


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