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ODOS Expansion

A company update for our Clients, ODOS Partners and Investors.

ODOS Properties is going from strength to strength and we have initiated our 3 point plant to allow us to become the largest, most trustworthy and transparent Estate Agent in England.

1) ODOS Properties (residential sales and auctions)

Our team at ODOS HQ are having a real push with recruitment for ODOS Partners, we aim to onboard a total of 60 ODOS Partners based around England by 2023 and another 7 HQ based Account Managers. For recruitment we are working with excellent local recruiters and candidates can apply for ODOS Partner roles by clicking here.

2) ODOS Lettings

ODOS will expanding into lettings in the near future. We will focus primarily on Gloucestershire with plans to move into Bristol at a later date.

3) ODOS Property Care

ODOS is in discussions with tradesmen and we plan to develop and execute our plan to break into the property maintenance market. ODOS Property Care will be able to maintain all of ODOS Lettings managed properties, as well as new ODOS homeowners properties and our Clients properties. ODOS Property Care will also offer services externally to members of the public. Branding will be identical to ODOS Properties and ODOS Lettings, increasing our brand awareness throughout England and acting as a lead generator for new business.

Do you want to be part of the ODOS movement? Contact our CEO Helen Jeanes by emailing


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