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ODOS Auctions creating lots of interest!

We now offer our Clients the ability to auction their property as well as sell their properties via traditional methods. ODOS Auctions allows buyers to bid online, request legal packs and much more.

How can ODOS Auctions benefit Buyers?

Attractive doors - properties are realistically priced

Confidence - The process is transparent, we have auction specialists to help buyers through the process.

Certainty - Same day exchange of contracts

Convenience - You can bid 24/7 on the property until the end date / time.

Finance - 56 Days completion, allowing you to arrange finance!

How can ODOS Auctions benefit our Clients?

We offer competitive fees, a dedicated auctions specialist and local partner to assist throughout!

Confidence - you can achieve the maximum price in today's market

Peace of mind - security of a non-refundable deposit.

Complete satisfaction - Our auctions can generate more interest and more viewings!

Certainty - same day exchange of contracts.

You can find out more about our auctions here


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