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Another happy customer...

Another completion today for our Gloucestershire team as a property in Thatcham Avenue, Quedgeley, Gloucester completes at Auction (competitive bidding) with us.

Having used another estate agent to begin with we tried Odos Properties who have proven their statement of being an ethical estate agent. My previous sale fell through as the previous agent overvalued our house which inevitably was down valued by the mortgage lender our buyer was using and the sale fell apart. From start to finish Odos have kept us well informed and guided us with sound advise and support throughout the process. If I move again I will definitely be using Odos Properties."

So what is Competitive bidding? At ODOS Properties & Partners we have a few different routes to market, one size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to selling property!

We look at the type of property and ultimately what factors our Clients treasure most when it comes to selling their property. For example we look at factors like; their timeframe, security of sale, state of property and type of property.

Our Competitive bidding method (otherwise known as online auction) is a method that has been increasingly popular with some of our Clients over the past couple of years as this method eradicates the chance of a sale falling through, guarantees a fixed timeframe and achieves market maximum for their property.

If Competitive bidding is so good, then why doesn't everyone sell their home using this method? We have no doubt that Competitive bidding is an extremely successful method of sale, some property professionals even believe that it will soon become the most popular method of sale in The UK. There are however a few reasons why this method of sale may not be right for our sellers.

1) There is a stigma / behavioural challenge we must overcome, sellers believe that if something is going to auction, it is going to be sold at less than market value.

2) Education - This service is relatively new compared to private treaty sales (common method of sale) therefor we need to educate buyers and sellers on how the process actually works.

3) Timeframes - some sellers don't want fixed timeframes - they may not have found their next home yet, they need flexibility in order to tie chains together without having to move into temporary accommodation.

To find out more about our methods of sale contact one of our team members by calling 01531 825736.


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