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15 Tips to improve your "Kerb Appeal"

Kerb appeal is the phrase used in the property sector to describe the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings from the street, when passing by, or when seeing an

exterior photo of the property online.

Kerb appeal is an important thing to consider when it comes to selling your homes as first impressions are vital in order to receive more leads and more offers.

There are many ways to improve the kerb appeal of your property, some can cost nothing, whilst many are free. We have put together a list of the most popular methods of improving you kerb appeal, something that we ask all of Clients to consider when it comes to selling their home.

1. Tidy up the lawn

A manicured lawn and neat shrubs are just another way you can instantly make your home welcoming to visitors. Remove any weeds and mow your lawn and if the grass is looking a little yellowed, use some lawn feeder to revive it and make it appear healthy.

2. Spruce up your fence

3. Refresh your door colour

4. Clean the path and driveway

5. Create feature lighting

6. Gutters and roofing

7. Spruce up the windows and frames

8. Brighten things up

9. Hide the bins

10. Look to your gate

11. Freshen up exterior walls

12. Review your window display

13. Doorstep decor

14. Sort out doorbell

15. Think about exterior lighting


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