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 Our Clients love us.

Estate Agents want to join us.

We want to be the biggest and best Estate Agent in The UK. 


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Version 1 software was finished - creating a basic dashboard allowing buyers and sellers to receive updates on their properties, make offers, talk to Agents etc...

ODOS became a fully operational Estate Agent, moved into their current HQ in Gloucestershire and started selling property (mainly in Herefordshire)

ODOS initiated the ODOS Partner plan, and recruited their first partner in Reading.

ODOS created their new website, got rated as a top 5% Estate Agent by Safebuy and prepares to expand by recruiting another 3 ODOS Partners across The West Midlands

AUG - 2017

Whilst studying for his A level James had an idea to create a new type of Estate Agency after his parents had a bad experience selling their home. 

ODOS received investment of over £175,000 from a businessman 

ODOS created a V2 software, expanded and started selling property in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and other locations around The UK. 

ODOS recruited more Partners in Herefordshire, Solihull, Gloucester and Cheltenham

ODOS initiates ODOS 2023 - a plan to onboard a grand total of 60 ODOS Partners across The UK. 

MARCH - 2018

APR - 2018

SEP - 2018

AUG - 2019

FEB - 2020

DEC - 2020

JAN - 2021

JULY - 2021

Recruitment starts at a rate of 3 new partners a month. 

OCT - 2021

ODOS APP and "final" Version software to begin, taking technology and automation to the next level.

JAN - 2022

JUNE - 2023

A total of 60 ODOS Partners have been onboarded, around The UK, ODOS HQ will have a call centre with 10 ODOS Account Managers working full time.

SEP - 2023

ODOS averages 720 successful sales a month, 8,640 a year. 


We believe the need to have a High Street Estate Agent branch is dying. Estate Agents are working long hours, doing a variety of different roles with little flexibility and little financial incentive. The need for a business model like ours is growing rapidly as we create solutions for property buyers and sellers, and Estate Agents. Clients have expressed how they feel left in the dark, they don't know what's going on with their sale or purchase and they don't have a personal representative, whislt traditional Estate Agent owners have high fixed costs!


Experienced commission based Partners who work for themselves not by themselves, attractive commission and a dedicated assistant / account manager working from the ODOS hub. Property buyers and sellers then have an experienced, single point of contact and receive an exceptionally high personal service as a result of our role structure and business model, whilst benefitting from our top tier marketing solutions and services.


  • Pass over enquiries,

  • Manage properties, sales progression and updates,

  • Assist ODOS Partner,

  • Carry out AML checks and send TOB,

  • Monitor and update CRM,

  • Help and Advice,

  • Marketing,

  • Gain new business for Partners,

  • Free up time for ODOS Partner to focus on Clients.


  • Market Appraisals,

  • Contact Enquiries,

  • Organise diaries,

  • Answer customer enquiries,

  • Update and maintain CRM,

  • Add to social media accounts,

  • Canvas, prospect for new business,

  • Gain excellent reviews, 

  • Fill out property details and book third party appointments,

  • Network,

  • Negotiate,

  • Sales progression.

Are you an investor looking to invest? We are EIS Approved - a government backed incentive. Book a meeting with our MD to find out more.